What to do in Tea Factory?

Gatagahawela Estate – Is located on the foothills of the picturesque Knuckles mountains, in Matale. Covered with mist, most of the year perfect for tea plantation. Built-in 1913, It had been manufacturing top-grade Pure Ceylon Tea for many generations. This factory is located in the elevation between 2000 to 3500 feet.  This geographical landscape of these misty mountains makes it ideal for growing the famous Ceylon tea leaf. Together with its unique and traditional Tea Making method, they had been able to preserve its strong flavour and aroma of pure Sri Lankan Tea.

What you can do at Gatagahawela Tea Estate?

Tea plucking

Early morning, when the sun rises above these scenic misty hills, It will be a wonderful experience to join the tea plucking ladies with hand-woven straw baskets, walking through these cold tea bushes. 

There you will learn, how to pluck the perfect tea leaf with its tea tips and collect it in your baskets.

Tea Factory Tour

Once you pluck your fresh tea leaves, you can weigh them in the scale and join the factory workers with their traditional Tea Making process. At the factory,  you can learn how to sort, dry, withering and tea grading.

Tea Tasting

Once you learn how the tea is made and graded, you can join the tea rooms with experienced tea tasters, to learn how to taste tea the proper way. This will be completely different from your regular tea drinking experience.

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