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Tea Acres is a family-owned business in the industry that is operating three primary estates since 1913. We produce the best Ceylon tea with extraordinary perfection in appearance, liquor, and aroma to fulfill the requirements of the global market.

We are a family tea company, running for the third consecutive generation since 1913 to spread love and passion for tea around the globe. Above all, we’re more focused on the process of tea production. In this day and age, when hand-crafted or hand-woven items are highly valued by western industrialized nations, we should be allowed to promote Ceylon tea as “HAND PICKED” or handled manually, until the following phase in the process, known as withering, takes place in the factory.

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Our Products

BOP Black Tea

full of flavor, aroma and color

bopf Black Tea

bold, bright and pungent

op Black Tea

rich break fast time ceylon tea

pekoe Black Tea

reddish bright and strong liqour

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