Our Business

Bulk Sourcing

Our teas originate from the best and the most beautiful plantations across Sri Lanka and our well experienced tasters and blender set to work to ensure that the final product captures the essence of something very special…

Our processes to ensure the best results in terms of product quality, taste and consistency, work together like a well-oiled machine…

All our teas are purchased through the weekly Colombo Auctions which is the main authorized system of buying teas in Sri Lanka. The best teas offered up by eight reputed tea brokers, who have been carefully evaluated by Tea Acres’ master tasters over the years. Our tea department is equipped with a well-balanced team of veterans in the business and a state of the art tasting facility that supports the processing of the large volumes of tea that come through doors on a weekly basis. Our tasting room is geared for customized blend preparations, R&D related to newer blends with different taste profiles and all other functions related to bulk blend preparation.

At Tea Acres, over 2500 cups of teas are tasted on an average per week just so that we can get our product just right.

Private Labelling

With years of industry experience under our belts, Tea Acres has had some amazing opportunities to work with leading brands and businesses as a supportive and reliable partner for private label tea packing.

Our expertise in procuring, blending and cleaning teas has made us a trusted partner to many brands over the years –  In addition, our know how on flavouring, infusions, fruits, herbs, spices, leaves etc., and our offering of a wide range of packaging options ensure that our business partners receive a full end to end package.

Our commitment to consistent quality and on-time delivery promises exponential growth to our partners.

Flavours, Herbal Ingredients & Infusions

At Tea Acres, our R&D that involve flavouring, herbals ingredients and infusions are a vital part of what we do – It ensures that we stay ahead of the trends in the market and continue to push the envelope when it comes to infusions and blends.

The flavour combinations developed at our facility are based on market research, customer requirements and globally accepted procedures. Standard operational procedures are well maintained in flavouring, herbal blending and CO2 treatment of herbs (which ensures insect free herbs) – These locations are hygienically maintained with food safety controls as per FSSC22000 Version 5.

Standard operational procedures are well maintained in the areas of flavouring, herbal blending and CO2 treatment of herbs (which ensures insect-free herbs). These areas are hygienically maintained with all food safety controls as per FSSC22000 Version 5.

Tea Bagging Services

In order to ensure that we can offer our customer options and solutions, our tea bagging machinery range consists of IMA C27 staple free machines, Fuso Pyramid machines, HST PT machines, Wrap Tech Packing machines and Solar Overwrapping machines.

Here, we service our own products as well as private brands – Our range of services extend to conceptualization, design and execution.