Soursop Pyramid Tea Bag – Can

20 Pyramid Tea Bags


Ceylon Black Tea, Natural Soursop Extract, Soursop Cut and Strawberry Leaves

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Many of the fruit’s fans say the taste of soursop is exotic and lovely. It has a delicate fragrance that is tropical, fruity and musky. Black tea together with sour citrus flavor notes, makes it tastes as good as it smells! Whilst all those antioxidants in both tea and soursop are doing the body good, Soursop fruit extracts makes for a calming sleep aid, soothing your worries and moods. Also many Asians believe this miracle fruit from the tropics has ability to cure cancer.

Delicious hot or cold, our fabulous range of natural flavoured teas are filled with many varieties of fruit and herbal ingredients bursting with sweet scents and flavoures !


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