The Richest of Tea

Exclusive Ceylon Tea

Ceylon spices are respected and highly valued in the whole world. In addition to taste, Ceylon spices are important key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Researches point out that arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, and asthma can be treated using these spices, especially cinnamon. Therefore, incorporating these spices into your diet would be very beneficial.


Golden Tips Tea is a very rare exotic variety of The Ceylon white tea, that has been sourced off a tea garden in the Kandy region of Sri Lankan hill country. This could be the most expensive and exclusive Sri Lankan Tea. It is made of tea buds/tips off a specific tea plant variety. So these are harvested carefully by hand and dried/withered in the direct sunlight, for retaining it’s Gold color appearance.


Ceylon Silver Tips, commonly known as White Tea/Silver needle, is a very rare and expensive Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka. Silver Tips is entirely handmade tea similar to Golden Tips. A small team of experienced pickers handpick just the buds from selected bushes. Our silver Tips-white tea gives savory aroma, smooth, sweet taste, rich body and smooth delicate cup.